The Unpleasant Reviews on Buying Instagram Followers

22 Apr

Instagram is an amazing tool for businesses because it offers a wide array of marketing opportunities such as IGTV, paid ads, and product posts. It is not about collecting likes and followers, and sharing an image though to get the attention of netizens. Rather, you have to allot time for interacting with other people and liking other instagram users’ posts--time that most business owners do not have.

Most common mistake business owners make because they do not have time is to buy instagram followers or engagement. This article is about the reasons why should not opt to buying instagram followers for increased engagements because of the various unpleasant reviews on buying instagram followers at

These Bots Are Not Humans

It is very tempting, indeed, to buy instagram followers at WildFreeDesign.comwho will follow, like, comment, and share the posts of instagrammers. These instagram bots make it appear like you have a lot of followers and comments in few hours or days.

For instance, an instagram bot can comment “Awesome!” on someone’s post with a hashtag plus, it can follow automatically the user who posted.

The real issue with instagram bots is that they do not exist as humans; they are robots. You earn followers not genuinely interested on your service or product, and the tendency with using bots is you forget about engagement.

Some Instagram users are also wise with Instagram bots hence, they do not follow those accounts that give a one-word comment on their posts. When instagram users begin to realize that your account is using bots, they have cause negative impacts on your business and worse, they might influence others to ridicule your account or business.

2. Buying Instagram Followers is a Faux

First off, by buying Instagram followers, you are going against the Terms of Use of Instagram.

Instagram is monitoring fake accounts and delete them so it is probable that later on you end up losing your paid followers and your account in Instagram will suffer.

Here are other problems when you buy instagram followers.

Buying instagram followers does not increase engagement since bots do not engage on the content of your posts. Check out some more facts about social media, visit

It can destroy your brand reputation because Instagram users will see and realize that even though you have a lot of followers, you have little or no engagements.

There is no easy way to gain a lot of Instagram followers instantly. You are putting your brand reputation and instagram account at a lot of risk when you take shortcuts. It is better for you if you will take time instead on creating an engaging content, interacting with users, and utilizing proper hashtags to gain and retain the attention of your audience.

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